Power Supplies

  • Capacitor pack (two main versions) – this comes in a range of colours, and new colours are available on request
  • Battery power supply unit
  • BCU-611 – battery packs suitable for older models of HaLO
AG-CAP2 Capacitor Pack (black)
Data Sheet
AG-CAP Capacitor Pack (seafoam)
AG-CAP Capacitor Pack (sand)
Data Sheet
AG-BCU-611 Battery Pack
NSN: 6135-99-495-4750 (for older models)

LF4 (black)
LF2 (black)

Light Fittings

  • LEDs mounted on a flexible and fully encapsulated PCB with a parallel circuit
  • Protected with blast-/shock-proof housing
  • Mounting lug located beneath the housing front cover
  • Light enough to be soft-bonded – however, best practice is to mount to hard-mounted back plates for maximum security
  • Available over a range of wavelengths and in a number of colours, including sand, sea-foam green, black and white

Other Components

  • Switch options
  • Water sensors
  • Junction boxes
  • Cables
Junction Box
AG-SWA Push Button Reset Switch
Junction Box (disconnected)
AG-SWA Toggle Switch