There are currently over 5,000 HaLO systems in service around the world.

Since it was first fitted in 2009, HaLO has completely transformed what’s possible in the field of soldier safety. There aren’t many technologies out there which are genuinely proven to save lives – but HaLO is one of them.

What is HaLO?

HaLO is the world’s only system currently in service offering proven LED escape lighting. To put that into context, when your vehicle suffers a traumatic event and the soldiers inside need to get out fast – whether it’s been damaged by a blast, rolled over, or even submerged in water – HaLO will guide them to an exit as quickly as possible.

HaLO’s features include:

  • Integrated, sealed-for-life capacitor pack – so it doesn’t rely on vehicle power in an emergency
  • Water, blast and roll-over sensors
  • Blast, vibration, water and dust proof
  • Proven to 30ft water depth
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures, from -46 to +70°C

What makes HaLO unique?

  • HaLO uses an LED lighting system. That sets it head and shoulders above photo-luminescent and glint tape: neither of these are effective in smoke or water, and it’s in those conditions that a soldier’s life is most at risk.
  • No other system has the proven credentials that HaLO has. We understand how important compliance is, and we’re experienced in getting to know our clients’ requirements inside-out. You can read more about our quality assurance here.
  • HaLO isn’t just proven on paper: it’s proven in the field. We first fitted our system to the RG-33 in 2009, and since then it’s seen a wide variety of operations in the most demanding theatres.
  • HaLO is highly adaptable. As every vehicle is different, we will tailor the HaLO configuration to suit you best. We make sure we get to know each platform our system is fitted to.
  • Our sealed-for-life capacitor pack is charged from the vehicle ignition system and gives you up to 25 minutes of lighting once activated.

Which platforms currently use HaLO?

There’s plenty more to discover.

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