Research is at the beating heart of our company.

We’re constantly striving to keep soldiers safe – and with our years of experience, we have a keen eye for innovative technology with the potential to save lives. Take a look at our latest projects below, and get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Military Atmospheric Water Generation (Mil-AWG)

Atmospheric water generation is an emerging technology which can produce pure water from the surrounding air by automated natural condensation. The technology is fast becoming a cornerstone of commercial and humanitarian projects in areas where drinking water is compromised or unavailable.

We’ve teamed up with Hogen Systems to offer a new system tailored to military needs, which can produce up to 5000 litres of clean drinking water per day.

  • Lightweight and low in volume
  • Available in three sizes: large (ISO container), medium (trailer) and small (kitchen appliance)
  • Eliminates the need for local or transported water supply
  • Improves deployability by reducing the planning involved in water supply during operations
  • Eliminates the risk of compromised water supply
  • Return on investment within the first year compared with bottled/stored water

Click here to download the data sheet.

X-Mount Multi-Axis Protection

It goes without saying that vehicles can suffer immense stress in a warzone, and that it’s important to protect their crew from that stress. One of the most effective ways to do this is by mounting seats onto a shock attenuator; however, many traditional methods of shock attenuation just aren’t up to the challenge of dealing with blasts, vehicle crashes, or the rough terrain of many theatres of war.

Our X-Mount system can absorb shock on three axes, and is designed to be fitted to new and in-service crew seating. The three-axis approach makes it effective in blasts, crashes, and off-road handling.

  • Shock attenuation from less than 25 g to over 500 g
  • Performs on all planes at once
  • Attenuates shocks from blasts, crashses, side impacts and off-road handling
  • Damps low- and high-frequency vibrations
  • Withstands multiple shocks
  • Reduced vertical stroking distance due to multi-dimensional energy absorption
  • Suitable for extreme environments
  • Patent-protected
  • Adaptable to specific space envelopes

Click here to download the data sheet.

Rollover Warning System (ROWS)

Vehicle rollover is a common and potentially fatal occurrence on many military vehicles. Blast protected and armoured platforms have high centres of gravity which result in rollovers occurring more often than with traditional vehicles.

AeroGlow’s ROWS warns crew of potential rollover using both audio and visual alerts. The system has been successfully trialled with the Army’s Armoured Trial and Development Unit.

  • Small and Lightweight
  • Fully programmable from 0 to 180 degrees
  • Audio and/or visual warning
  • Powered from vehicle supply

Click here to download the data sheet.

Inclinometer Display System (IDS)

The AeroGlow International IDS is a further crew aid to mitigate the risk of rollover accidents. The IDS receives data from the in-service AG_BLA2. Hence the IDS is easily integrated to platforms using the latest HaLO EELS Blast Sensor.