An illustration of the HaLO system

HaLO is the world’s most advanced EELS/VELS system.

“EELS” stands for “Emergency Egress Lighting System”. “VELS” stands for “Vehicle Escape Lighting System”. They’re essentially two different acronyms for the same thing – but they highlight some features which are important to any EELS/VELS, and which we’ve perfected with HaLO.


In an emergency situation, equipment needs to be both reliable and fast-acting. HaLO is blast, vibration, water and dust proof, and has stood the test of several theatres of war. Its range of sensors respond instantly to blasts, rollovers or submergion, so your soldiers can get to safety as quickly as possible.


We designed HaLO for vehicles, and that brings its own particular challenges. Vehicles take a lot of stress and strain – particularly in a warzone. That means that the systems fitted to them need to endure a lot of stress and strain as well, and still work perfectly in any climate.


Egress – or escape – is all about getting soldiers out of an unsafe situation and into a safe one. We know that every platform is different, and we’ll work closely with you to understand the best approach to guiding soldiers out of your vehicle as quickly and clearly as possible.


What sets HaLO apart from its peers is the use of LED lighting. Photo-luminescent and glint tape are effective in some scenarios, but water and smoke make them next to useless. Our LED lighting system means that soldiers can find their exit even in poor visibility, when getting to safety matters most.


HaLO isn’t just a lightbox: it’s a complex and highly specialised system of sensors, power supply, lighting and failsafes. We’ve tested every element of HaLO individually and together, making sure that the system works like clockwork when the seconds count.