US SOCOM chooses HaLO for additional M-ATV EELS upgrades

AeroGlow LLC is delighted to announce that ManTech has ordered a further 40 of its latest HaLO EELS.

The EELS will feature fully screened cabling, allowing EMC/EMI compliance. It will also use the unique “plug and play” capability only offered by AeroGlow’s Hatch Lighting and Orientation (HaLO) system.

Business Development Director Keith White commented: “We are delighted to have been selected to provide this new fully compliant EELS system for ManTech. AeroGlow has a long history of providing these safety systems which are destined for SOCOM platforms. We are proud to support US Special Forces in this way.  We will continue to invest in AeroGlow LLC as our US entity to position this business as the sole provider of the HaLO system in North America.”