US SOCOM completes prototype fit of upgraded HaLO system to M-ATV

AeroGlow LLC is delighted to announce that ManTech and US SOCOM have successfully fitted a prototype of its latest HaLO EELS to an MRAP vehicle.

This EELS is a step forward in survivability when compared to the legacy systems it will replace. The EELS utilises the unique “plug and play” capability only offered by AeroGlow’s Hatch Lighting and Orientation (HaLO) system, and will be powered by the latest sealed-for-life power supply featuring rechargeable ultra-capacitor technology.

Business Development Director Keith White commented, “We are delighted to hear that the integration of the new HaLO EELS has been a success. This has been achieved using remote engineering, as COVID prevented AeroGlow engineers from visiting and carrying out a site survey of the vehicle. AeroGlow has a long history of providing EELS for SOCOM platforms and is proud to support US Special Forces in this way. We will continue to invest in AeroGlow LLC as our US entity to position this business as the sole provider of the HaLO system in North America”.